• Product Name
  • % by weight of the seed that is in the mix
  • % by weight of grass seed varieties other than the pure seed listed
  • % by weight of inert matter, or that which will not grow
  • % by weight of weed seeds
  • If the product contains seeds considered to be noxious weeds, they would be listed here
  • The address of the entity providing this grass sed product
  • The percentage of pure grass seed that will germinate under contrliled conditions
  • The weight of the seed in the container
  • Lot Number - specific to only this product, and tracable back to its origin
  • When this lot of grass seed was tested for germination
  • Sell by date - may or may not be indicated
  • State in which the grass seed was grown



Bonide Sun & Shade

DuraTurf mix of varieties for both sunny and shady conditions

Pure Seed A Variety Germination Origin
30% Palmer III Perennial Rye 90% OR
25% Pennant II Perennial Rye 90% OR
15% ARC Kentucky Blue 90% OR
15% Ambrose Chewings 90% OR
15% Foxy creeping Red Fescue 90% OR
XX% Other Crop Seed Net Wt. 3 lbs.  
XX% Inert Matter Lot No.  
XX% Weed Seed Test Date  
Noxious Weed Seed: None Found

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