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High efficiency lime So much more than simply a quick fix for soil pH! Our high quality calcium product is essential for healthy cell division, root growth, and efficient nutrient uptake. Turf Turbo improves soil structure, water infiltration, resistance to insect and disease damage as well as stress and drought tolerance. 30 lbs. treats 5000 sq. ft. to maintain proper pH, 2500 sq. ft. to raise pH ½ point.

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  • Does the pH of your soil matter when choosing a lawn fertilizer?

    Yes, soil pH is a main factor for the health of your lawn grass. Some soils in the US are naturally acidic. In other words it may be the grass is too acidic to grow to a nice looking lawn. Acidic soil inhibits the uptake of nutrients and nutrients will go unused. So you are not getting the most out of your fertilizer when applying. Use Bonide’s Turf Turbo to increase the pH of the soil.

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