When a plant doesn’t get the nutrients it needs from the soil, it shows symptoms of the shortage. Since some of these symptoms can also result from pest or disease attack, inspect the plant and its growing conditions carefully before concluding that the problem, is nutritional.

The symptom most frequently noticed by gardeners everywhere is leaf yellowing due to nitrogen deficiency. Because nitrogen is needed in large quantities and leaches from the soil easily, it must be replenished on a regular basis.The other nutrients are either required in small amounts or don’t easily move through the soil, so they’re added only periodically or when a deficiency is noted.


Symptoms of deficiency

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Major Nutrients
Nitrogen Slow growth and stunting, uniform yellowing, starting on older leaves & spreading to whole plant, oldest leaves drop off Nitrate of Soda
Phosphorous Slow growth & stunting, poor flowering & fruiting; purpling of leaves on some plants Bone Meal
Potassium Slow growth, weak stalks, browning on tips & edges of older leaves, small fruit or shriveled seeds Muriate of Potash
Secondary Nutrients
Calcium Poor growth, death of growing points Hydrated Lime
Magnesium Yellowing between the veins on older leaves, with dead spots appearing suddenly, curling leaf edges Hydrated Lime
Sulfur General yellowing of leaves, stiff appearance of plant Soil Acidifier, Aluminum Sulfate
Minor Nutrients
Zinc Yellowing between the veins on young leaves, abnormally small new leaves Zinc Sulfate
Iron Yellowing between the veins on young leaves, with small veins also turning yellow Iron Sulfate
Manganese Yellowing between the veins on young leaves, with all veins remaining green, black spots next to veins Zinc Sulfate
Copper Stunted growth, sunken spots starting on youngest leaves, wilting leaf tips Liquid Copper
Chlorine Wilting, followed by loss of color Iron Sulfate