As the plants outside are dormant and snow could still be on the ground, our need for spring can consume us. There are many things that can be done such as planning, and purchasing products needed for the upcoming growing season. Late winter is the time to review your garden journal or start one. It will keep record of what worked and what didn't, what the major issues were and what your ideas are for the next season. Keeping a journal related to your yard is important as it will help you be organized as you get your yard ready for the growing season.

Consider accomplishing the following in late winter:

As the weather warms:


Woody Ornamentals & Fruit Trees

Vegetables, Herbs, Perennials & Annuals

Use Bonide's Maize to prevent weed seeds from germinating in your yard.

Always read and follow product label directions. Product recommendations made herein were accurate at the time of publication, however, labels can and do change over time.